Salsa Week: Intensive Basic Salsa Program

We are hosts and we love to show the best of the city through what we do best: dance. Medellín is the temporary residence choice for many foreigners and we know that to take advantage of the local nightlife, dancing is a necessity. That's why we created Salsa Week.

0 to Basic in 4 days

In 4 days we can take any foreigner or local from 0 to a basic level on salsa dancing. The daily intensity is 3 theoretical-practical hours with experienced and bilingual dance instructors. Not only will you learn to dance but you will understand the differences between the salsa styles and you will know their basic steps.

Salsa with context

Our philosophy as a dance school is always to offer a cultural context with quality information, that is why we will complement the classes with the history of salsa and information on different styles such as Cali, Cuban and Linea.

Details of the program

Salsa Week consists of 4 consecutive days of classes with a special methodology designed by "Academia de Baile Estilo Cubano" that includes practical classes, theoretical classes, videos and free time within the classes for practice and improvement.

Pricing: COP $180.000 ó USD $60

Day 1: Basics

  • Rhythm and coordination.
  • Basic steps.
  • Video: origins of salsa.
  • Basic steps as a couple.
  • Explanation of the musical time.

Day 2: Linear Salsa

  • Reinforcement of basic steps.
  • Turns on the right and on the left.
  • Discussion: Salsa in USA.
  • Basics of linear salsa.

Day 3:  Colombian Salsa

  • Basic in cali style.
  • Discussion: salsa in Colombia.
  • Simple routine of Colombian salsa.
  • Meeting with local salsa artist (subject to availability of the artist).

Día 4: Casino (Cuban Style)

  • Reinforcement of basic steps.
  • Basics Variations to the Cuban style.
  • Video: casino history
  • Casino basics.
  • Rueda de Casino.